Who Is Metro?

It takes a great one to run Gangster Cheese, and that’s where Metro comes in. He is the official BOSS and in this business there’s only one law you’ve gotta follow to keep out of trouble: Do it first, do it yourself and keep on doing it.

Canadian-born Metro “The Godfather” Hohol was already pushing 27 when he settled in Toronto. Blood relatives and a stacked mafia rolodex made his integration into North American business a cinch and by the late 2000’s, Hohol’s operation had forced out the reigning rivals and taken over the Grilled Cheese trade.

Metro didn’t become known to the majority of Canadians until his empire began to grow in 2015. The reigning rivals wanted JUSTICE to be served, and so it began...

All his life he has tried to be the good guy, the guy in the white hat. For what? For nothing. He never became them; he was them.